If you are interested in having a meeting with me for a live chat in San Francisco between the 21st and 25th of April please contact me or my office. I will be attending the Web2.0Expo conference, co-produced by the Webtech and O’Reilly Media, this year as well. More about the web2.0Expo at the conference homepage. Last year the event was really successful. A great opportunity to network with people ranging from newbeez to gurus in the field of web 2.0. About this web2.0 thing; I was attending the Monaco Media Forum end of last year, and there was this conference track, moderated by Dale Dougherty (who coined the expression Web2.0 in the first place), that had the title “Web3.0”. Now, what is that all about I asked myself. Obviously, most other attendees seemed to ask themselves the same thing, so the conference room was really filled up. And what was it then? Was it a new technology thing? A new Internet “behaviour” or business logic kind of thing? Well, we just have to wait and see ;-) Niclas