The ReadSpeaker Team is delighted to be taking part in this year’s edition of GR-EX Global Robot Expo, Stand S9 IFEMA, Madrid, May 8-9, 2019.

If you’re in the business of delivering innovative applications in conversational AI, robotics, smart toys, smart assistant, or voicebots, it’s time to start a conversation with ReadSpeaker.

Be sure to attend our session at 3 p.m. on May 9th presented by ReadSpeaker’s Antonino Sistac Aznárez, Director LatAm and Spain, and learn how lifelike synthetic voices enhance the voice-first interface for robots, voicebots and other conversational AI applications.

ReadSpeaker offers some of the most accurate, lifelike digital voices on the market. They’re designed to work seamlessly in applications and devices, to deliver human-like speech output for all your conversational AI and IoT needs, and beyond. We’ll be waiting for you on stand S9.

Visit for more information.

The ReadSpeaker team will be at GR-EX Stand S9