I am attending the third Mindtrek conference in Tampere, Finland. MindTrek is the leading Nordic digital media and business conference, focusing on social media & Web 2.0. At MindTrek the newest trends, innovations, revolutionary business phenomena is presented. I came here for two reasons: Network with Finlands elite within social media and web business. And also to get new insights and inspiration from the really great panel of speakers. First Keynote speaker was Chris Messina aka “Factory Joe”. For me a familiar name and I have followed this great podcast in 1.5 years. A great keynote that I didnt manage to get recorded or broadcasted. Luckily someone else did ;-). Chris also posted his slides and a short summary of what he said and is now public here. “Identity is the platform” was the subject of his speech. chris-messina Then Dave Coleman (at Collaborative Strategies) talked about Enterprise Social Collaboration. And his talk was followed by a panel discussion on that topic. After lunch I attended in the track “Mind your community business” held by Andrea Vascellari. I have been in contact with him on Facebook and Twitter for some time. And he know how to use the technology of 2009 for events like this. He put up the backchannels 2 weeks ago and started to prepare the panel discussions. Everyone have been able to vote for topics and questions for the panel. And it was very educating and interesting to take part in. Everything around this track can be found here Last thing I attended today was the keynote by Jyri Engeström from Google. Really interesting speech about trends and strategies under the headline ““Snack Size Sociality: Affection, Influence and Identity in the Days of Bite-Sized Media”. Most of Jyri Engeströms speech, Andrea Vascellaris track about “Mind your community business” I managed to broadcast on my channel on Bambuser. But there have been som major problems with the WiFi today so it got interupted some times. Talking about the Swedish Bambuser I met one of the founders Måns Adler that arrived this afternoon. He is going to speak tomorrow. Will be interesting to hear and to bambuse (new verb for “broadcasting with Bambuser). A lot of great stuff on the web come from Sweden besides ReadSpeaker ;-) Another example is the Twingly Channels that was launched today (beta-release). I was attending at their pre-launch event yesterday in Stockholm and got myself an invite. I will try it out next week. Seems to be a great tool for tracking ones brand. So the first channel I will make is for ReadSpeaker. Now it is time for some more networking at the Mindtrek party. Next report tomorrow!!