an overview of the audience during Mindtrek

It have passed some days since I got home. So it is time to wrap up my report from the Mindtrek conference. It was two great days with a lot of new inputs and insights shared by great speakers. The practical arrangement in total was good. I have just one complain and that is the Internet connection that was very shaky and fragile. It is possible to make a rock stable wifi for a lot larger conference. And here is how to do that. Networking is the best part I am happy for all the great networkning during these days. But 800 people is a lot of people and I have managed to talk to just a very small part of that. But it is not the quantity that matters but the quality. It is also always great to be able to tell people about our services and it is so few that know about it even if we have been around for some time now. Twitter One of the best sides with Twitter is how easy and effective it is to get in contact with the other participant at the same conference when meeting on the backchannels of the event. It gives an extra value to the conversation and what is said. The Mindtrek staff themselves was not very visible at all att the backchannels except for broadcasting some public messages to the people (one-way communication) Rebirth of mobile life Day 2 started for me with paticipating in the Track “Rebirth of Mobile Life”. First speaker was Måns Adler at Bambuser. Great talk where he started with an historical review of former technologies that became used in another way than they first was ment to. He then told about their great service for free broadcasting from a mobile or web camera. I have been using the service since the very beginning and love it. So it was interesting to hear Måns telling about it and to meet their developers. Interesting with the cases on how one never know how new technology will be used. The same goes for ReadSpeaker since we now see a fast rising usage of our services for mobile devices. Second speaker was Pekka Markkula from Teliasonera. Shared some interesting views from the perspective of one of the largest operators in Nordic countries. Both on the current situation and something about the future. Last speakers was also great even if that was not really related to what we are doing. It was two people from Backstage Alliance that talked about the Music industry and the absolute need for it to adapt to the new market if they are going to survive. Most likely they are not needed any longer if they dont understand that they have to start to treat artists as customers and that the thing they have to focus on is the relation between the artist and their fans. Not on just tweeking the assembly line to be as profitable as possible. I had great lunch where I was introduced to yesterdays Keynote speaker Chris Messina and had a brief chat with him and his girlfriend Brynn Evans. Cool to talk to a Social Media Rock Star. (he have over 17 000 followers on Twitter for an instance) even though he didnt consider himself as one (…Yes, I asked :-) After lunch there was some awards to be celebrated where one winner was surprisingly a hardware not a web service. A bit strange. It is like if the winner in the Academy Awards would be a camera. The final speakers had the ungreatful task to get the attention from the audience after a couple of intensive days and a late nights party. It didn’t become easier when Adam Greenfield held a VERY theoretical speech on the subject “Elements of a networked urbanism”. And the last speaker Pekka Himanen might had some really interesting stuff to tell about but by then I wasn’t listening any more. So I joined the other 50% of the audience that was mingeling in the hallway instead. There is some material now online at the website from the conference. That is unusual. Mostly what happens when a conference is over is that the website freezes over. You can also find a lot of comments and content on If you are going to choose just one speech. Pick the one Chris Messina held. On my Bambuser channel you will find most of the sessions I attended. Except the keynotes on day 1.