Comscore published a report back in September 2010 about smartphone use in 5 European countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain). Within the different data, there is an interesting review of mobile consumption behaviours and device penetration for these five EU countries. Mobile consumption behaviours and device penetration for five EU countries Amongst the different consumptions, accessing news and information represents almost 30% on average for the 5 countries. That is quite a high percentage and reveals that many mobile users are accessing text rich information (for some part at least) of this type of content. With some operators like T-Mobile actually cutting down on data usage allowances due to demand outstripping capacity, the use of light data allowance such as text content is becoming important in the context of this spare capacity. However, many users need an alternative to accessing text on small sized mobile screens. Online text to speech solutions like ours solve that problem because the data allowance that is needed to convert the text into sound is on the low side. Then there is also the option for customers integrating online text to speech to opt for lower sound qualities to further decrease the bandwidth needed.