Content on Moodlerooms, a Moodle Partner offering online learning solutions under the Blackboard, Inc. banner, will now be speech-enabled using ReadSpeaker’s Enterprise Highlighting plugin. Speech-enabled content offers educators using Moodlerooms an added tool to differentiate instruction, and allows students to learn in the format they find most comfortable. Adding text-to-speech functionality also improves accessibility, which levels the playing field for the many learners with accessibility challenges like learning disabilities, second-language learning, and visual impairments. The Enterprise Highlighting plugin from ReadSpeaker functions in 40+ languages, with a number of voices available for each language. It’s built to work with the latest web development languages, including HTML5. Learners can use Enterprise Highlighting on any device, including iOS and Android tablets and phones. Inside their Moodlerooms courses, learners will have a one-click option to turn text-based information into speech-enabled content. When a learner clicks the listen button at the top of their Moodlerooms content, ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting begins to read the content aloud. Content is also highlighted as it is read, increasing user engagement, and offering a way to reinforce information, if the user chooses to read along as they listen. Users can adjust the speed with which content is read and highlighted, and listen to specific sections or the entire course content. Speech-enabled content isn’t only for those with accessibility challenges. Today’s learners are busier than ever, and many simply don’t have the time to sit and read all of the required information for their classes. With Enterprise Highlighting, busy learners can take their content anywhere they go, and listen to required reading on their mobile devices. Educators using the Moodlerooms platform will not have to do anything extra to speech-enable their content with Enterprise Highlighting, as the plugin handles all of the work. By speech-enabling its educational content, Moodlerooms takes another step in making education available to all learners, in all formats.