Yesterday we installed the new blade centres and the new storage systems. I felt like a boy carrying around new toys. With this worm and fuzzy “Christmas eve just after opening the presents” feeling. When we arrived in the new hosting facility, looking down on the power outlet under the rack, my happiness slowly transformed into a more tiredsome mood. Two three phase 32Ampere sockets were staring in my eyes. If you read my previous post “from servers to blades”, you would understand why. All of a sudden, we didn’t have the correct power cords any more. Hi-tech never want to be easy. Well, they managed to solve the problem. Cables were connected, lamps blinking, fans started to roar. And there it was. The rSpeak infrastructure was ready! In a few days we will start beta testing our new range of products for private blogs and websites. If you would like to become one of the exclusive beta testers, please become a member by signing up on the VoiceCorp website. Stay tuned!