The municipality Raalte of the Netherlands has been a trusted RRaalte LogoeadSpeaker client since 2008: an ‘early adopter’ of text-to-speech technology. In December 2014, the municipality decided to improve the design of the ReadSpeaker listen button on its website, in conjunction with a change in the website’s CMS. The new listen button has led to an approximate 450% increase in usage of the ReadSpeaker function! The previous listen button on the municipality’s website consisted of a small listen button, an icon in the form of a speaker without the test ‘Lees voor’ (Dutch for ‘read aloud’). Consequently it was unclear for some website visitors what was intended by the speaker-icon. Since December 2014, the municipality has made use of the standard ReadSpeaker listen button, found on both ReadSpeaker’s website and the website of the municipality Raalte. The standard button is larger and therefore easier to find. Additionally, the standard listen button contains the text ‘Lees voor’ (‘Read aloud’), clearly indicating the function of the button.

A huge success! We hope that more websites will follow the municipality Raalte’s initiative and clearly implement the ReadSpeaker listen button!