Nestlé have launched our latest product, ReadSpeaker docReader on the About Us page of their web site. Now, Nestlé web site users can have access to a speaking version of these PDFs. When users click on the above Listen links on the About Us page, this is what they can see:

The toolbar enables users to easily navigate between pages either with the previous / next buttons or by going directly to a specific page. The layout mode preserves the original layout but you can also opt for the text mode to choose specific text mode settings such as text appearance, font size and font face. Our highlighting feature which works both in the layout and text modes helps users better understand the text which is being read by dynamically highlighting words and/or sentences: Screenshot ReadSpeaker docReader highlighting feature Other settings are also available such as selecting reading speed and choosing the word and sentence highlighting colours when you click on the Settings button of the ReadSpeaker docReader toolbar: