It has been over a year now since we launched ReadSpeaker webReader for smaller web sites and blogs. Since then, we have had thousands of new customers signing up for the service in all 9 languages we offer (US English, UK English, German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). In the meantime we have also added some new plugins and widgets so as to make ReadSpeaker webReader even easier to implement on some of the most popular blog platforms and web site content management systems. We also have had some very good feedback from our community notably to help us fine-tune our service. We have worked hard in the past months to overhaul the web shop and are now launching the latest version so as to make it even easier for you to subscribe and implement ReadSpeaker webReader. The address is still the same at and we have now designed 4 packages ranging from Free to Premium, all with their own capacity levels. Amongst the new stuff, you can now have several aliases if your web site or blog is under several sub domains. For all existing customers, who we thank for using our technology, nothing changes, you keep your existing login details and your ReadSpeaker webReader app remains the same. We will gradually migrate old payment history and statistics for our existing customers. We hope you enjoy our new web shop and look forward to your comments and suggestions.