Enhanced text visibility optionA new version has been released today of ReadSpeaker’s web-reading solution ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting. One of the new main additions is a tool that facilitates easier reading comprehension by giving end users the option to have enlarged text be speech enabled and highlighted in a box displayed at the bottom of web pages. The Enhanced text visibility option displays the current sentence at the bottom of the page, with a larger font size and simultaneous text highlighting. The Enhanced text visibility option helps users who wish to activate this tool better see and follow what is being read on a given web page. Other features/improvements were added to this release, notably:

  • Improvements to the text-selection option which enables users to only listen to the text of their choice on a web page.
  • A new regular red color is added to the color choices for when users want to activate word and/or sentence highlighting. The palette of color combinations are in line with the WCAG requirements at the AAA level.
  • Improvements to the accessibility of the player from the keyboard.