Following the acquisition and incorporation of ReadSpeaker by HOYA in July 2017, and reflecting its commitment and belief in the growing voice technology industry, HOYA has gathered all of its voice technology companies under the ReadSpeaker brand. ReadSpeaker now encompasses the existing companies and brands of ReadSpeaker, rSpeak, Voiceware, VoiceText, and NeoSpeech. By grouping these leading voice technology providers together, HOYA’s ReadSpeaker has the technology, the experience, and the teams to offer a complete voice solution with the best, high-quality voices for its customers, no matter their needs.

This unique combination of technologies allows the ReadSpeaker development teams to share decades of experience and create world-class TTS voices based on the latest Deep Neural Network (DNN) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Now, ReadSpeaker offers an even wider variety of voice solutions with high-quality voices and excellent support. You will also notice that the ReadSpeaker brand has been given a new brand identity, but still retains the essence of its original brand identity.  

Proud of the excellent quality of its voices and solutions, as well as its team of voice specialists, ReadSpeaker is ‘Pioneering Voice Technology.’

We invite you to go to or contact your local ReadSpeaker representative for more information, or for any questions you may have.