speechCloud API imageIt is about time we make our technology easier available for the development community! In the last 14 years, we have been focusing very much on developing and offering packaged web services with a defined set of features and benefits for the end users. The end user has, and will continue to be, our main focus even though we do not market our solutions to them, but typically to the organizations that make online content available to them. Making text available in an audio format for anyone who would rather listen than read is still our core business! We feel that now is a good time to open our door wide open also for companies and organizations that develop their own solutions, with their set of features, who wish to use text-to-speech technology in their software applications. We have almost 15 years of experience in delivering Speech as a Service over the Internet. So let us take care of what we do best, and you, by using our new speechCloud API (SCAPI) to add speech to your applications and devices, what you do best! The API is very straightforward and generic which means that it can be integrated in any application on any device and platform as long as it has the possibility to communicate with external services over the Internet – that the device where the app runs is “connected”. We provide full documentation and sample code in different programming languages that can either be used straight off or used for inspiration when you do it your own creative way. When you have signed up via https://www.readspeaker.com/readspeaker-speechcloud-api, you can purchase more credits on the SCAPI website (http://www.speechcloudapi.com) using PayPal or credit card when you are logged in. We will give you a number of free “credits” that you can use to test the API. The default set of voices includes at least one male and female voice in each language. We charge you for each credit consumed and a credit equals one character. The list of languages and female and male voices we are launching today are:

  • American English (3 voices)
  • British English (2 voices)
  • Australian English (2 voices)
  • Dutch (2 voices)
  • German (2 voices)
  • French (2 voices)
  • Swedish (2 voices)
  • Spanish (2 voices)
  • Italian (2 voices)

We will add more languages and voices on a regular basis. If you would like to use a language that is not on this list, please contact us and our sales team will take care of it. Our current portfolio of languages consists of 43 languages and over 120 different voices! When you are logged in on the http://www.speechcloudapi.com website, you can keep track of your current balance, usage statistics and read the implementation documentation and example code. You can also manage your own “pronunciation dictionary” where you can adapt how the text-to-speech system reads and pronounces special words. We also provide a number of different output audio formats including popular ones like A-law, u-law, PCM, WAV, Ogg, MP3. The terms of use lets you use the speech that streams from the service to be played back both in non-commercial and commercial applications. However, you are not allowed to save, re-use or distribute the audio files according to the Terms of Use. If you need a service with a license that lets you produce, save, re-use and distribute created audio files, please contact us and we’ll make you an offer! Try it out today! We look forward to your new apps and devices as well as your feedback.