An all-in-one computer for seniors, in which all important functions are accessible by a few large buttons and which reads e-mails out loud…. That is the new SimTouch of SimPC. With the SimTouch, computer and screen are integrated, which makes it very easy to use, simply by touching large buttons on the screen. The SimTouch is an easy and secure computer in which the most important functions are pre-programmed, such as surfing the web, e-mailing, chatting, word processing and internet banking. With the listen function of ReadSpeaker, e-mailing will be even more easy and accessible. Not only is the email read out loud but there is also synchronized highlighting of the text that is being read (embedded highlighting), on a word by word and/or sentence by sentence basis or both, so as to reinforce a better understanding of the text being read. “This is a great asset for the SimTouch, not only for people with a reading disability, but for everyone who prefers to listen to text than read it,” says Martin van der Schagt, Manager Business Development & Innovation with SimPC. The company behind the SimTouch is SimPC. SimPC has been recognized in the market of senior computers for 5 years. The philosophy of SimPC is using a computer without any worries. Reading out loud e-mails supports this philosophy completely.