Screenshot docReader
We have just launched the updated version of ReadSpeaker docReader. ReadSpeaker® docReader™ is speech as a service which uses text to speech online to enable visitors to listen to the text of a document . ReadSpeaker® docReader™ makes various document formats viewable in all browsers, even on mobile phone browsers as well as other devices that do not have built in PDF-, Word- or Open Office document viewing capabilities. ReadSpeaker® docReader™ is available as listen-icons next to your online published documents.
docReader listen link next to PDF link
We have added some new exciting features to docReader:
  • HTML5 support in Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch): now you can enjoy docReader™ to its full capacity on Apple mobile devices!
  • New click and read option: the user can select if the point-and-click reading should read only the selected paragraph or start where the mouse pointer is located to then read to the end of the document.
  • Thumbnail navigation of the document: each page in the document will be displayed in the left sidebar of the page and the user can click on these thumbnails to navigate directly to that page.
  • Limited auto tagging of untagged PDFs: docReader will try and guess the structure of the source document if it has not been equipped with structure markeup (i.e. untagged PDFs) to optimize the display of the document.
  • Listen-link for limited (mobile no-JavaScript capable) web browsers
  • Tagged/no tagged document indicator: will notify the user if the document is structured/tagged by the author or not.
  • ReadSpeaker docReader also enables users to:
    • Easily browse within the document by either using the Previous or Next buttons or going directly to the selected page to be read.
    • Select the existing layout mode of the document or convert it into text mode.
    • Benefit from different settings to change the reading speed, the language of the toolbar menu, and to choose from different text mode settings notably the capacity to see synchronized highlighting of the text that is currently being read, on a word by word and/or sentence basis.
    So if you have documents on your web sites that you want your users to listen to with all these added features , please contact us so that we can help your online documents become vocal!