We have just launched a new release for our ReadSpeaker Expanding Player with Embedded Highlighting with some new exciting features:

  • Extended iPad/iPhone/iPod touch support: When using the Embedded Highlighting add-on on Apple Mobile devices, your visitors can now use synchronized highlighting with our new HTML5 player. The player opens up directly on the page itself and doesn’t open up a new player page. This provides your users with an optimal display of the listen function on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iPhone screen displaying HTML 5 player

  • Improved behavior when selecting text: When a user accesses your site from a computer web browser, selects text from a given web page, and then clicks on the nearby listen button which shows up, a new mini player will appear providing immediate access to the listen function.

ReadSpeaker mini-player

  • Hosted ReadSpeaker JavaScript: starting now, we will also be hosting the JavaScript that is a part of the implementation. This enables us to service you better in providing updates and continuous maintenance of the service. We have also introduced a continent load balancing infrastructure that is built to shorten response times and give even better availability of our services.
  • Other features that come with the new Embedded Highlighting add-on are:
    • Updated HTML code in the player which consists of 100% valid elements according to W3C’s recommendations.
    • Improved highlighting engine which highlights words and/or sentences even better than in the previous version.
    • Support for reading dynamic generated content, such as AJAX or Javascript, can easily be switched on.
    • Auto detection and improved support for HTTPS web sites.
    • Support for multiple players on the same page.
    • More stable style sheets that do not conflict with websites’ existing CSS.
    • New mechanisms that make it easier to customize default behaviour and appearance.
    • A number of other improvements and bug fixes for added stability and robustness including full support for text selection in Internet Explorer 9

If you are already a customer for the ReadSpeaker Enterprise Expanding Player with Embedded Highlighting you will soon hear from our Support team. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@readspeaker.com.