Moving World Artwork showing acronyms, Heathrow Terminal 5, London. Although text-to-speech technology has made a lot of progress, it can sometimes stumble on certain terms such as acronyms, abbreviations, date formats or number representations to name a few. We have some customers where the pronunciation needs fine-tuning such as in the pharmaceutical sector for example where it is even more important that each term is perfectly well read. Every account that we open comes with a specific dictionary for the customer. We provide a service to each of our customers that helps them with pronunciation issues when they exist. Some of the pronunciation corrections will only be relevant to the dictionary of a particular customer, but in some instances the corrections can also be used for the default dictionary and benefit our entire customer base. We have a very knowledgeable network of linguists that can help our customers in many parts of the world when they encounter pronunciation difficulties. We have prepared a few online text to speech demos that show the before and after effect of our work on some types of words that can get mispronounced by speech synthesis. Photo Credit: Jim Linwood