Sabancı Vakfi (Sabancı Foundation) was established in 1974 as the philanthrophic arm of the Sabancı Holding Company. Since its establishment, the foundation has built 120 institutions in Turkey, including Sabancı University, and has provided more than 37,000 scholarships. The foundation promotes social inclusion, including equal access for women, youth, and those with disabilities. Sabancı Foundation chose to add ReadSpeaker’s Listen button in both Turkish and English to its newly redeveloped website. We spoke with İbrahim Can Sönmez, Sabanci Vakfi Information Technology Manager, about his experience with ReadSpeaker. Why did you decide to speech-enable your website? We wanted to improve the accessibility of our website. We also wanted to provide a better visiting experience for the visitors who suffer from dyslexia, visual impairment, etc. Why did you choose ReadSpeaker? As a result of our examination, we have explored that ReadSpeaker application obtained very successful results even in Turkish content. ReadSpeaker support team have always paid attention to all questions and problems that we have faced, and that interest further proved how accurate our choice was. How much effort was involved to add ReadSpeaker to your website? After we have received our account details, it only took 15 minutes to implement ReadSpeaker to our Turkish and English websites. Would you recommend that other organizations add ReadSpeaker to their website? I would recommend it to organizations who want to offer a new and different method for accessibility.