I had a conversation with Teresa M. Lee who is the webmaster of the City of Prattville. The City of Prattville, Alabama, is a charming New England-style village nestled in the heart of the Deep South. As the “birthplace of industry” in Alabama, Prattville’s rich history spans the life and accomplishments of its founder Daniel Pratt, the great industrialist. Prattville features the Daniel Pratt Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, where some of the sites date back to the Civil War era. Today, Prattville is the seat of government in Autauga County, founded in 1818, thus making it “a county older than the state.” The City of Prattville uses our ReadSpeaker Expanding Player solution. Teresa kindly answered our questions relative to text to speech online and how it impacts the City of Prattville web site users. Q. Why did the City of Pratville decide to speech-enable its web site? A. Between literacy issues and learning disabilities, 21-23% of Americans have difficulty locating information in text or adequately comprehending what they’ve read. Given the information available from the National Assessment of Adult Literacy in the United States, and after playing with the demo ReadSpeaker created for our city, we felt this was a vital enhancement to our website. We also felt this feature would assist us in being more ADA-compliant on our site. Q. How much effort was involved to implement ReadSpeaker on your web site? A. Implementation was very easy. We received an implementation guide. The only issue we had was in implementing it on our home page but that is a function of our design and not the product. ReadSpeaker runs on every page on our site except the home page and the calendar. I was able to identify a list of words that the reader had difficulty with, submit those and have them adjusted. The turn around was fast, efficient and your personnel were amazing in this country and in Europe. Q. Can you tell us who uses ReadSpeaker on your web site? A. We have a dyslexic employee who loves the feature. While we do not have exact statistics, I would imagine anyone who has a learning disability, doesn’t read very well, or is simply too tired to read pages of text is utilizing the feature on a regular basis. Q. How satisfied are your web site visitors with the ReadSpeaker listen feature? A. The feedback I have received has all been positive. One thing our users love is that there is nothing to install. It is on our site so they just click and listen. Q. Why would you recommend other cities, towns or counties to implement ReadSpeaker? A. Implementing ReadSpeaker is one of the easiest ways available to provide a useful, necessary service to those with learning disabilities, reading comprehension issues, or those who are unable to read on a level that would allow them to interact successfully on your website. Making this available is a community service. You won’t be sorry and the fee is nominal.