We have decided to discontinue the ReadSpeaker AudioFeed service since we are now proposing alternative services. AudioFeed will be closed down on May 17. So for those of you who have that product please remove any links to the AudioFeed prior to that date. Other solutions that we now offer for making your blog talk are the ReadSpeaker webReader service that adds Listen buttons to your blog posts. There are both free (advertisement sponsored) and low cost subscription based alternatives. For automatic podcast production we have our product ReadSpeaker podCaster. We also propose a free iPhone app called ”ReadSpeaker audioMob Personal” where you can listen to up to three RSS feeds directly on your Apple iPhone/Touch, or you can recommend your readers to download this app and subscribe to your RSS feed. The ReadSpeaker audioMob Personal is only available in English. Locate it on the App Store by searching for “audioMob Personal” or by going to the iTunes preview page.