More Choices in Voice

According to scientific research, people form an opinion about another person within half a second of listening to their voice. The use of natural and pleasant-sounding digital voices in the development of voice assistants is therefore crucial to the customer experience. With this in mind, Smartvoices & ReadSpeaker have introduced four new voices on – the platform with which organizations can easily go live with their first voice assistant.

Voice Assistants Influence Brand Image

“The standard voices for the Google Assistant are getting better and better. But because many organizations use the same voice, they offer little distinctiveness”, says Carla Verwijmeren of Smartvoices. “Organizations want their voice to match their brand so that the target group recognizes and identifies itself with the chosen voice”. This is a clear reason for us to expand our options and include the possibility of TTS voices from ReadSpeaker in addition to the standard Google voices, giving organizations more choice.

From TTS to Custom Voice

Nina Zonneveld from ReadSpeaker adds: “A high-quality TTS voice helps organizations achieve unique customer experiences and recognition”. For, we added the Dutch voices of Anne, Ilse, Alex and Guus. Naturally, with the collaboration between Smartvoices and ReadSpeaker, organizations can also choose their own specific custom voice. This is not included in the standard Voicedomein package but is part of our joint range of services. Our ultimate goal is to also make organisations accessible through voice assistants with a voice that suits both the brand and the target group.


The platform is an initiative of voice agency Smartvoices and tech partner Botsquad. It was launched in 2019 and helps organisations such as Achmea, De Hypotheker, Zorgbalans and Scoupy with their first applications for the Google Assistant.

Do You Have a Voice Strategy?

If you’re working on a voice-enabled project and need high-quality, expressive voices, contact ReadSpeaker today.