ReadSpeaker docReader provides organizations with state-of-the-art text to speech, making online documents appealing and accessible to as many readers as possible.

And you can now enable new tools in ReadSpeaker docReader to make it even more interactive:

Dynamic Toolbar

For a friendlier user interface, some tools have been moved from the top toolbar to an expandable/collapsible additional toolbar which opens/closes by clicking on the “More tools” button.

Word Lookup

Select a word and Word Lookup will highlight and read out the dictionary entry that appears in a pop-up screen. Contact ReadSpeaker to activate Word Lookup in your account.*

Highlighter Tool

Allows the user to highlight sections of text in different colors and collect and save the highlighted texts in a PDF. Contact ReadSpeaker to activate the Highlighter tool in your account.

More Languages Than Ever

ReadSpeaker docReader can read documents in any of the languages in your account and supports more than 50 languages. The user interface is available in 19 languages.

Improved Document Appearance Quality

In addition, documents are shown with a much higher quality appearance, making them even easier to read. A multitude of document formats is supported.

Ensuring that content supports all reading styles and is accessible and engaging for ALL users is essential in today’s online environment. ReadSpeaker’s web-based docReader extends the reach of online documents by instantly creating an audio version and gives users online access to audio and reading tools, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

*supported only for some languages.