The ReadSpeaker service and accompanying documents are very well aligned with the major principles of WCAG 2.0. Being compliant has always been of great importance for us and we still also conform to WCAG 1.0. Here we summarize the facts aligning ReadSpeaker with the four accessibility principles from WCAG 2.0: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust.


  • Provided ReadSpeaker implementation code always uses text equivalents for non-textual content to be presentable in other ways that people might need such as magnification, Braille, speech, symbols or simple language.
  • ReadSpeaker user interface components are adaptable and distinguishable, clearly separating layout and structure, always choosing high contrasts and media-independent constructs, to enable presentation in simpler layout without loss of information and structure.
  • ReadSpeaker provides implementation code containing a description of the purpose of the button and what will happen when the user activates it.


  • Provided ReadSpeaker implementation code utilise all available constructs for being operational from both keyboard-like and pointing devices, thereby allowing assistive technology and UAAG-compliant browsers to be used to give the user full control over the ReadSpeaker user interfaces.


  • ReadSpeaker provides best practises for button and player placement yielding consistent look and feel and predictable behaviour across different websites.
  • ReadSpeaker UI components are developed based on user input and long experience to ensure an easy and clear language understandable for as many humans as possible.


  • Customers can choose specific ReadSpeaker implementation code validating against all known HTML and XHTML document types to match the document type used on their website. It follows all recommendations in the specifications, fully utilising the principles of unobtrusive scripting, HIJAX, graceful degradation and progressive enhancements.
  • The provided ReadSpeaker implementation code is carefully designed to ensure maximum forward compatibility with current and future technologies. Since current technology was the future technology of some years ago, ReadSpeaker takes this even further and provide extensive fallback mechanisms to work seamlessly with yesterdays technology, thereby also being backward compatible. Device independence makes it work.