ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting enables website owners to easily convert online text into speech for a better and more accessible user experience.

ReadSpeaker announced today the launch of the Enterprise Highlighting 2.5 with major advancements and new functionalities. With the new version, website owners can provide their users with a fully customizable and accessible online text-to-speech product. New customization options enable customers to better match the style of the ReadSpeaker audio player to the design of their website. The new player has full support for HTML5 audio, which means that more features will be available on more devices and browsers without the need for Flash to be supported on the user’s device. In terms of accessibility, the audio player is completely keyboard accessible and works well with both screen readers and magnifying tools. The service adapts to the audio capabilities of the user’s browser and uses the best available playback engine. ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting 2.5 provides end-users with new features, such as automatic scrolling; the page scrolls as the text is read and highlighted so that longer pages can be easier to follow. Highlighting options of the words and/or sentences being read now allow the user to choose the colors used. The text selection functionality enables users to only listen to certain parts of the page with the new audio player appearing near the selected text. “The new version of ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting provides an even more user-friendly, accessible, and customizable experience for both our customers and their users. This has been a major focus for this release along with more flexibility, better quality, and an improved graphical design,” says Niclas Bergström, CEO, ReadSpeaker.