The online personal reader for students now includes new text and document library capabilities.

ReadSpeaker is excited to announce the latest version of ReadSpeaker TextAid, with a fully redesigned user interface and an updated list of user-friendly features. The user interface – available in four languages with more to come – has been upgraded making it even easier for students to use ReadSpeaker TextAid. Feature upgrades include new tools for document uploading and reading as well as writing assistance. A number of text selection tools have been added to further facilitate text accessibility. Users can choose to listen to a text selection and easily look up further information on selected text with a Wikipedia or web search in a new tab. Several highlighting and text settings further enable users to customize how they want written content to be displayed. ReadSpeaker TextAid users have access to their personal library where they can save text and retrieve it any time they want. A translation tool is also available for the different supported languages. ReadSpeaker TextAid now includes ReadSpeaker’s popular plug-in free document viewer docReader, which enables users to upload documents in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint, Word, EPUB, and PDF. Users can save and load content to their own personal document library and access theirReadSpeaker TextAid documents from any browser or device. Students have the option to view and listen to their documents at the same time, while easily modifying features like font, text size, and color. For writing assistance, the latest addition of ReadSpeaker TextAid includes a number of updates. Users can have their text content read back to them as they type. Options include the reading of full sentences or reading each word upon completion. Character-by-character reading is also possible, with more support to come. The text field has also been updated and now uses the full width of the browser window for improved readability and formatting. Updated institutional support features streamline the process of managing ReadSpeaker TextAid use among students in library-style fashion. Institutional users can specify a ReadSpeaker TextAid “Coordinator” who has the power to add and remove users, organize groups, and appoint other coordinators. Document uploads can be coordinated, and content can be shared among selected groups. Institutional users have access to detailed usage statistics for all students and comprehensive LMS institution-wide integration tools. “The latest version of ReadSpeaker TextAid has been redesigned with the student in mind. New features make it even easier for end users to enjoy the benefits of text to speech, and offer institutions all the tools necessary to make deployment simple, effective, and hassle-free,” says Niclas Bergström, founder and CEO, ReadSpeaker.