With the launch of our new online text to speech service ‘ReadSpeaker Enterprise Embedded Highlighting‘, the user experience on the iPhone and iPad will be even greater. Embedded Highlighting is an option of the ReadSpeaker Enterprise solution, providing simultaneous highlighting of the text that is being read aloud. Research has shown that this increases the comprehension of the content. Whereas Embedded Highlighting was already available from a computer, it is now also available from Mobile Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. One of the highlights of our new solution is the use of an HTML5 player per default when Mobile Apple devices are used. Another important feature, when using a computer web browser, is that when someone selects text and then clicks on the nearby listen button which shows up, a new mini player will appear providing immediate access to the listen function. Other features include support for multiple players on the same page, auto detection and support for HTTPS Secure websites, an improved highlighting engine, a more stable style sheet, easily switched on support for reading dynamic generated content, new mechanisms that make it easier to customize default behavior and appearance and a player area consisting of 100% valid elements according to W3C’s recommendations.