Blackboard users can now listen to any text content for a better learning experience.

ReadSpeaker® has launched a special version of ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting to enable Blackboard users to listen to any text content on the Blackboard Learn platform from any connected device at any time and from anywhere. This new development has been designed so as to make it as easy as possible for Blackboard customers to add ReadSpeaker’s speech functionality to the Blackboard Learn platform. Blackboard users can listen to any text by selecting it and then clicking on a floating listen button conveniently placed near the content to be read. The text will immediately be speech enabled and highlighted at the same time reinforcing a better understanding for all learners. Different features come with this special version amongst which:

  • Customization options for what text content should be read when no text is selected
  • Configuration possibilities to change the default position of the floating player
  • Modification of the design of the floating player

Like with all versions of ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting, this version is fully server based so no installation is needed on the user’s device and no applications require hosting on the customer’s servers. The service works with major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Chrome for Android. Customers have access to detailed statistics on the usage of the service. For more information about this special version, please contact us.