HCCU logoHoliday Coast Credit Union (Holiday Coast) is the latest ReadSpeaker partner to provide text-to-speech technology for the vision-impaired, elderly, English as a second language, and for anyone wishing to access their banking services on-the-go in Australia. “Accessing banking services and information online is critical for our members to manage their finances and maintain independence in their lives,” says CEO Neville Parsons. “On hearing of this technology we quickly recognised it is a ‘must have’ for our members.” As the first financial institution in Australia to enable text to speech on their website, Parsons continues, “As an Australian Credit Union that is 100% customer owned, we recognise our responsibility in delivering banking innovation that includes bridging the gap in accessibility for the elderly, along with our members with learning difficulties and visual impairments. Implementing this technology on our new website is an important step in investing and demonstrating our commitment to being a Credit Union who truly cares about the diverse needs of people in our community.” Richard Ings, Managing Director of ReadSpeaker Australia and New Zealand, adds, “In 2016, customers expect services to be available online. For businesses this creates major challenges, one of which is making their online content accessible to everyone regardless of disability or literacy limitations. Holiday Coast Credit Union is the first Australian financial institutions to offer its online customers the option to listen to online content they may otherwise struggle to read. ReadSpeaker is delighted to partner with Holiday Coast Credit Union in making it easier for people who struggle with literacy to access their banking services online.” ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology enables any content, on or off-line, to highlight the text as it is being read, increasing comprehension for the user. Website visitors can fully customise their reading experience, including:

  1. The reading speed
  2. How the text is highlighted, either sentence-by-sentence or word-by-word.
  3. Selecting text to only listen to certain parts of the page. In this case, a listen button “pop-up” will appear. The pop-up will follow when the user scrolls up and down the page.
  4. Choosing to have the page scroll automatically to follow the highlighted text.
  5. The enhanced text visibility option, where the user can have the current sentence displayed at the bottom of the page, with a larger font size and simultaneous text highlighting.

To discover the benefits of ReadSpeaker on the Holiday Coast website please visit: www.hccu.com.au

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