ReadSpeaker®, the leading provider of online text to speech, and aNewSpring, an all-in-one elearning solution for training providers, announced a partnership whereby ReadSpeaker’s online text-to-speech functionality will be offered as an add-on to aNewSpring’s elearning courses. Courses can now be taken by students with a visual handicap and/or literacy difficulties. Innovative text-to-speech solutions ReadSpeaker speech-enables online content for people who prefer to listen to content instead of (or as well as) read it. ReadSpeaker helps improve the user experience for people needing greater accessibility to text content, including those with reading problems, mild visual impairments, and learning disabilities as well as those whose native language is different from the text to be read. Technology to help you learn aNewSpring develops an adaptive elearning platform that includes the ReadSpeaker functionality as an add-on in its latest release. This functionality is immediately available to all users without having to download additional software. The courses adapt to each individual and can be offered to a broader audience. “We help people learn,” says Marten de Prez, managing director of aNewSpring. “All students are unique with their own talents and learning strategies. That’s why we think it’s strange that learning is still ‘one size fits all’. Our mission is to help people learn more effectively with truly personalized (e)learning. This also means that everybody should be able to access learning materials in a way that suits them best. We find it important that everyone has the ability to learn through our platform, even people who are visually impaired or who have reading difficulties. That’s why we’ve added ReadSpeaker to aNewSpring’s elearning platform.” Staffan Meij, ReadSpeaker Sales Director, EMEA, says, “We see more and more demand for speech being part of the e-learning experience. With aNewSpring, we have a partner that has recognized this early on, and we are happy that this has resulted in a partnership where ReadSpeaker is an integral part of the Learning Platform of aNewSpring.”