Ericsson Labs has just announced a partnership with ReadSpeaker for providing a text to speech API for their community of developers. The text-to-speech enabler provides developers with the opportunity to develop speech enabled applications. The API consists of a simple web interface as well as an Android SDK. It would be very useful for scenarios when it is not so convenient to read text, such as driving a car or handling machines. The text-to-speech API can help developers create web or mobile applications with higher usability. “Readspeaker is a perfect example of a great partner to Ericsson Labs. Open-minded, exploring opportunities together with us in the field of cloud services for developers and service providers on the web and in the mobile app space,” says Tor Bjorn Minde, Director Ericsson Labs. Find out more about Ericsson Lab’s text to speech enabler which uses the ReadSpeaker web based engine.