AARP Foundation’s W.I.N. website now has ReadSpeaker’s leading online text-to-speech service to help adult and older workers get better access to its written content. AARP Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people age 50 and over, has implemented ReadSpeaker’s online text-to-speech functionality on its AARP WorkSearch Information Network (W.I.N.) website, an online employment guide that covers the entire job search process from start to finish. Through its workforce programs, AARP Foundation supports adult and older workers as they remain in or reenter the workforce by facilitating their navigation of the public and private workforce system, providing access to training that will allow them to remain competitive in the job market, and providing connections to companies who value their experience. Says Emily Allen, Vice President AARP Foundation, “ReadSpeaker makes W.I.N.’s online content more accessible to people who have difficulty reading online information and mobile users. Website visitors can now click the Listen button on any page of the W.I.N. website and have the text of the page read aloud to them. ReadSpeaker also highlights the text while it is read, reinforcing a better understanding of the content. No downloads are required, which means that people using public computers or mobile devices to access the W.I.N. website can also benefit from the audio feature. Adding the ReadSpeaker tool to the W.I.N. website reinforces our constant efforts to provide improved means for our users to access our online information.” “We are proud to power the online speech-to-text feature of the W.I.N. website. Supporting adult or older workers with a talking version of the site enhances the learning experience and facilitates better access to W.I.N.’s online employment guide. All users can now simply click and listen to access the entire job search process provided by W.I.N., and that is a great comfort tool for an easier access to the online text content,” says Joop Heijenrath, Cofounder of ReadSpeaker and responsible for its business operations outside of Europe.