VoiceCorp is pleased to announce that Corriere della Sera, the leading Italian newspaper, has recently implemented ReadSpeaker Enterprise, a web-based speech-enabling application to enhance the Corriere website reader experience and increase the accessibility of Corriere web content for everyone. This service allows Corriere website visitors to listen to articles by clicking the “listen” button at the top of each article, without the need for downloading and installing additional programs. To even further enhance the reader experience, Corriere website visitors can also choose to activate embedded highlighting, which enables them to see synchronized highlighting of the text that is being read, on a word by word and/or sentence basis. In addition to the website, Corriere has also speech-enabled their iPhone app with the ReadSpeaker audioMobile application. By simply clicking on the listen button (headphones icon), which is an integral part of the iPhone app, it will automatically start reading the text. This new feature for the Corriere website will allow those otherwise incapable of reading online content the ease of listening to Corriere articles. For people that are on the go, that don’t have enough time to read, or prefer to listen to an article rather than reading it, the iPhone app listen function is a new, useful way to access information. It overcomes the problem of reading from a small screen. VoiceCorp’s co-founder Roy Lindemann says: “VoiceCorp is very pleased to add speech functionality to Corriere’s website and iPhone app. By making Corriere’s website and iPhone app talk, we are providing a new and easy-to-use channel for Corriere users to access information.