This year the Italian Moodle Moot will be held in Genova from 9-11 September. ReadSpeaker is a proud sponsor of this Moodle Moot. At the Moodle Moot, both educational and corporate organizations will come together to discuss experiences with Moodle, the open-source Learning Management System. ReadSpeaker has created a plugin for Moodle. The ReadSpeaker plugin can be easily implemented on a Moodle environment, and is fully integrated to read aloud both HTML content as well as documents. Riccardo Vanzetti, Managing Director of ReadSpeaker in Italy, will be giving a presentation discussing how text-to-speech technology can be implemented in Moodle to enhance the learning experience for all students. Accompanied by our technical support engineer, Mr. Vanzetti will demonstrate how ReadSpeaker works in Moodle. The presentation will take place Friday, 11 September, at 11:10 A.M. in Aula 2. We hope to see you there! Interested in learning more about how ReadSpeaker can be implemented in your Moodle environment? Have a look how ReadSpeaker works in Moodle: