There are a few major players in the Learning Management System market: Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, itsLearning, Moodle, to name a few. At ReadSpeaker, we’re proud to offer solutions for each of these environments, so learners can listen to course content, no matter what platform this content is provided on. ReadSpeaker is a signature partner of Blackboard, and offers reading in different languages of both HTML and document content, implemented via Blackboard building block. As a certified Canvas partner, ReadSpeaker is seamlessly integrated into the LMS, offering reading of HTML content installed via a global JavaScript. The popular platform Moodle is open-source, meaning ReadSpeaker’s block has been developed to fit perfectly in the learning content to read documents and HTML content. We are a select partner of Brightspace by D2L, and activating ReadSpeaker in your Brightspace environment has never been easier– simply ask your Brightspace account manager to turn it on. Our newest partner, itsLearning, has provided content owners the ability to use ReadSpeaker in five languages, so learners can listen to their content, anytime, anywhere. For all learning management systems, ReadSpeaker offers a complete guide for installation, as well as a guide for sharing ReadSpeaker with faculty and students, so all those logging into your learning management system are aware of the benefits of bimodal learning. ReadSpeaker is also available for customized learning management systems. Get in touch with us today to get started with ReadSpeaker for your LMS!