ReadSpeaker Text to Speech is now available in five new languages. We are delighted to introduce 8 brand new lifelike digital voice personas: Veerle for Belgian Dutch (Flemish), Bayu and Annisa for Indonesian; Oskars for Latvian; Adina and Teodor for Romanian, and Jakub and Simona for Slovak.

Like the rest of the ReadSpeaker family of synthetic voices and our exclusive digital voices, our new lifelike digital voices help companies and organizations across the world to deliver premium user experience through all their SaaS-based and on-premise services and applications, whether in education and accessibility, talking robots, embedded devices, IVR and conversational systems; for local and central government, non-profit organizations, corporate, consumer brands, media, and more.

All our voice personas have been carefully designed to read any type of content in a clear, expressive, and humanlike way that engages end-users.

So, if you are you ready to find out more about our lifelike voices for your applications, contact ReadSpeaker today.