ReadSpeaker is proud that its German, English, and Portuguese text-to-speech voices are used by Cosibot, the brand-new, non-profit initiative driven by start-ups and companies wanting to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. 

Cosibot was developed by ROBO.AI, a groundbreaking player in customer service messaging and automation. ROBO.AI specializes in interaction between customers and companies through the most popular communication channels, including voice and messaging.

In fact, Cosibot is designed for all users, especially those who experience difficulty typing or have visual impairments. This bot provides free text-based and spoken answers to questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. It uses data from various government sources, like the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the European Commission.

And over time, Cosibot will learn to give increasingly qualified answers. Powered by Robo Talk® cooperation technology, bots like Cosibot work alongside human agents so that customers are never left without the answers they require. Furthermore, ROBO.AI Proactive Learning® makes it easy to continuously improve and train bots.

ReadSpeaker Text-to-Speech voices are also ideal for voice-enabled conversational AI, voice-controlled websites, and chatbots – on websites, in chat applications, and in mobile apps.

So, if you’d like more information about AI bots for your business, please contact Stefano Chiavegati at ROBO.AI. And if you’d like to give your AI-powered bot one of the 90+ available ReadSpeaker text-to-speech voices in over 30 languages, contact the ReadSpeaker team today.