In an effort to continually serve our users, our team has added even more features and improvements to ReadSpeaker TextAid:

  • The wide range of available languages now offers a choice of different voices for English, Dutch, and Swedish.
  • Writing assistance and word prediction are now also available within the annotations tool, used to fill in blanks or add notes to documents, and you can also add annotations to documents that have been shared with you.
  • Upload Bookshare e-books from a Bookshare account to your personal TextAid library
  • Upload an audio version of any text to your Dropbox

Coordinators and teachers have even more functionality, such as:

  • Access to usage statistics for all TextAid coordinators.
  • Teachers and coordinators can share folders and documents, and students can ‘hand in’ work by sharing a document with a teacher.
  • Exam mode offers reading support for quizzes and exams, which can be scheduled in advance.  Separate exam domains and single seat sessions make exam mode fully secure. 
  • Teachers can assign work and notify students who can complete the assignment, hand it in, and receive the teacher’s grades or comments, all through ReadSpeaker TextAid.

ReadSpeaker TextAid is a leading literacy support tool. Log in or sign up for a free trial to try all the great features.