ReadSpeaker is pleased to announce that ReadSpeaker TextAid now fully supports integration into an LMS as an ‘LTI Tool’. First of all, what is an ‘LTI’ tool? LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability and gives us a standard way of integrating different learning applications with learning management systems or other educational environments. LTI is important because it enables a seamless user experience across a variety of learning solutions, making it easier for teachers and students to use new educational technology. With ReadSpeaker TextAid LTI, our customers can now enjoy the advantages of LTI. All LTI capable LMSs are supported, such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas and Moodle. This means that ReadSpeaker TextAid can be made available to students through the LMS without the need for special user registration/sign-up or additional login. This makes ReadSpeaker TextAid the perfect tool to give students a ‘personal’ reading and writing tool which leverages bimodal presentation of content and Universal Design for Learning concepts, which are particularly effective for struggling learners and ELL students where text to speech boosts results, confidence, motivation and keeps students at grade-level. Contact us for more information or a demo.