ReadSpeaker’s TextAid solution was recently highlighted by the LDRFA (LD Resources Foundation, Inc.) as one of the best assistive technology tools in their article “Amazing New Assistive Technology Tools for Vision Impaired & People with Learning Disabilities.” LDFRA is a grassroots organization that helps find solutions to those who are affected by learning disabilities, Dyslexia and ADHD.

TextAid webReader from ReadSpeaker 

Unlike earlier digital voices that had a robotic sound, the voices of ReadSpeaker TextAid are high quality and natural sounding, which makes listening a pleasure. Now, with ReadSpeaker TextAid’s latest feature, One-click Web Reading, you can also have web content read out loud to you. You can listen to your favorite news site as you cook dinner, have an official document read out to you, or listen while you do online research.

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Image of ReadSpeaker TextAid Noted as Amazing Assistive Technology Tool by LDFRA