Inclusive Banking Services for all Customer Profiles

Accessibility and flawless, intuitive customer experience are key priorities across all verticals, especially in areas providing essential services that people rely on, such as banking. At ReadSpeaker, we take great pride in offering the most accurate, lifelike text-to-speech voices from the speech industry’s leading innovators.

Banks and financial institutions are currently feeling the pressure of today’s competitive market and need to provide efficient yet appealing services to a highly diverse customer base, while ensuring their ROI is strong, their costs are low and revenues are increasing.

By choosing ReadSpeaker TTS solutions, the closest technology one can get to a human voice, banks and financial service providers can instantly deploy successful customer-centric services that tick all the boxes in terms of accessibility, customer satisfaction, regulatory requirements, cost-containment, easy implementation and management. And they can do this in over 51 voices, 22 languages, regardless of their existing hardware and software deployments.

The banking industry is moving towards technology-based automation, while customers are becoming more selective. In parallel, customer demographics are increasingly diverse. Millennials, post-millennials and baby boomers have quite different attitudes to products and very different needs.

The 65+ demographic accounts for a massive percentage of the customer base. In fact, a population study by the United Nations forecasts the number of over 65s to rise dramatically over the next 25 years.

Players involved in the banking industry need to make sure they design their services carefully and make them accessible and enjoyable for all customer groups.

By rolling out high-quality ReadSpeaker TTS solutions into existing ATMs, banking service providers are implementing the best practise of making services accessible to all, naturally engaging all customer groups and excluding none. Some examples of inclusive services in banking:

  • ATM machines that “talk customers through” their regular banking procedures in lifelike voices that come across as efficient and trustworthy versus robotic voices that are hard to understand – the ideal solution for anyone who finds it tricky to read the screen on an automated teller
  • Natural and intuitive IVR and voice-based mobile services for everyone who finds online content overwhelming or difficult to read – the perfect solution for everyone who is less confident with technology
  • Real-time customized information communicated clearly, in your customer’s own language – perfect for today’s fast-paced, global economy

An Accenture report on the banking industry refers to the “Everyday Bank” model, which “creates an immersive relationship with customers” (…) Through it, banks can: Increase the quality of the customer experience by combining (…) customer and transaction data with digital capabilities. This means providing simple, convenient services that improve customers’ abilities to manage and make better decisions on their financial matters.”

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