As a leader in text-to-speech solutions, we are excited to offer VoiceText Editor – where lifelike, synthetic voices and the ease of a simple, user-friendly interface finally meet.

What is VoiceText Editor?

VoiceText Editor is a text-to-speech application for your desktop that facilitates the production of static audio files. While many of ReadSpeaker’s solutions provide you with the necessary tools to build custom speech-enabled applications and products, VoiceText Editor is unique in that it’s already a fully functioning text-to-speech application. After a simple install on your Windows operating system, the application is ready to use, even when not connected to the internet.

The intuitive interface feels very similar to Microsoft Word where a blank screen greets you, ready to accommodate any amount of typed text. Once your text has been inserted, the fun really begins as VoiceText Editor instantly converts it into audible speech in the natural-sounding voice of your choice.

VoiceText Editor image

And with 70+ voices in 20+ languages, you are sure to find a voice that feels perfectly aligned to your brand. Here some available VoiceText Editor’s voices:

VoiceText Editor puts all the power in the user’s hands, allowing you to easily modify and customize your selected voice through the adjustment of variables like pitch, speed, pauses in speech, volume, and pronunciation. VoiceText Editor even gives you access to a pronunciation dictionary that will help your synthetic voice capture the perfect pronunciation every single time. In circumstances when you need to fine-tune pronunciations to ensure they meet your exact specifications and brand persona, VoiceText Editor gives you that capability, too.

With VoiceText Editor, you can create unlimited audio files that can be saved and exported for later use. Mistakes can be addressed at any time, and changes can always be made to older files, which helps to save time and resources. Instead of hiring an expensive voice actor or recruiting an employee to re-record a message, you can quickly make the changes yourself within VoiceText Editor, using a voice, or multiple voices, that feel familiar to consumers of your brand.

Who is this solution for?

VoiceText Editor has many commercial uses, from websites to audiobooks to any situation where voice recordings need to be created and updated on the fly. VoiceText Editor is invaluable in education and corporate training settings, allowing your business to easily add voice to e-learning applications or content being accessed by global, diverse learners or non-native speakers. It’s also ideal for telecommunications and IVR technology where voice prompts, public announcement systems, and call center routing may need to be changed frequently. Keep your brand identity and messaging consistent and drive efficiency by using VoiceText Editor.

Interested in VoiceText Editor?

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