We always try and get maximum playability for our different products when it comes to the different devices from which you can listen to web pages and blog posts. We have now just updated the compatibility of how ReadSpeaker webReader can stream the audio on iPhones as well as on the iPod Touch. We have configured our streamers so that they can now perfectly play back the audio for the iPhones and iPod Touch devices. This will help all our ReadSpeaker webReader web site owners and bloggers make their content even more usable for their readers who use an iPhone for example to listen to what they have to say. We have also changed the “Download mp3” under the player to “Play mp3” for those users that don’t have Flash so that they can always save the mp3 to their computer by right clicking on the link and saving the link. We are continually looking at ways to improve how are products are used and hope that this addition will help our growing number of users out there!