Oranje Handeslmissie FondsReadSpeaker is exceedingly proud to announce that it has won one of the 10 coveted places in the highly prestigious Orange Trade Mission Fund from the Netherlands. This fund is supported by esteemed partners such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, ING, KLM, MKB Nederland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Royal family, and aims to support the winners’ international growth, believing that the chosen companies will be successful internationally and will, in turn, inspire younger generations of Dutch entrepreneurs. The winners were selected on their ambitions, innovation, stories and entrepreneurship. With over 15 years of experience bringing innovative text-to-speech technology to the internet, ReadSpeaker is excited to be included. With the concept of Closing the Digital Divide in mind, ReadSpeaker brought the very first speech enabling solution for websites as well as a platform for digital talking books to market in 2001. Ever since, it has worked to develop the latest in speech synthesis and document viewing software, and has helped millions of readers and learners to understand and learn texts better through the thousands of organizations in education, health, media, government and the non-profit sector that have the technology. Pioneering the SaaS (software as a Service) model in the text-to-speech segment, from reading newspapers online to integration in online learning platforms to helping struggling readers, ReadSpeaker is at the forefront of the latest generation of web technology. Used by thousands of websites and millions of users every month, ReadSpeaker believes that it should be easy to listen to text, and is a leader in its field. The Prize was awarded on 7 November 2014 at Schiphol Airport by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the CEO’s of ING and of KLM and by the chairman of the Dutch Association for SME (MKB Nederland). ReadSpeaker will use the help to broaden its reach in the Middle East, India, and Brazil.