As everyone around the world navigates the COVID-19 crisis, we would like customers and partners to know that ReadSpeaker is committed to providing continuity of service and to supporting you to deliver services throughout the course of this pandemic.

The situation is impacting us all, in a variety of aspects. It is affecting our families, communities, and ways of life. It is having an effect on how business is conducted and how education works, worldwide. Today, AI- and voice-enabled systems have an increasingly critical role to play. You can rely on ReadSpeaker to deliver the high-quality text-to-speech services and solutions you need. 

In this time of crisis, we are focused on helping you respond to the unique demands that you may be facing. The ReadSpeaker team around the world is fully operational, working safely from home. We have put in place all the necessary measures for service continuity in these circumstances and our infrastructure is monitored in real time.

We are ready to serve you as we always have, and to ensure that you have the text-to-speech solutions you need to conduct your business successfully.

Please reach out to your ReadSpeaker Contact if you have any questions or concerns. If you require high-quality custom branded voices or off-the-shelf voices for your business, please get in touch using our contact form.

The following are the answers to the frequently asked questions we have received from customers regarding our business continuity plans:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ & Service Continuity Plans

1. How may Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact ReadSpeaker’s service continuity?

ReadSpeaker has a robust business continuity plan in place to ensure that our teams across the globe, and the services and solutions we offer remain up and running in the event of an uncontrollable event. We are confident that the plans we have in place will adequately support our customers and partners while they navigate the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

2. How may Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact ReadSpeaker’s availability and performance?

ReadSpeaker solutions are hosted on multiple servers in different physical locations to ensure continuity and optimal performance for our customers and partners. We have proactively increased our capacity across all of our systems as we’ve seen a steady increase in usage. We continually monitor usage and adjust capacity to maintain optimal service availability and performance. Our teams also monitor our services constantly to ensure everything is running as expected. 

3. We’re planning to increase usage of ReadSpeaker solutions, is ReadSpeaker able to handle a sudden increase in usage?

ReadSpeaker has proactively extended its capacity in anticipation of further increases in usage. We have planned for strong growth on our platforms and have increased our technical and support resources to ensure customers are able to use our services as needed. We have data centers across different time zones (US, Europe and Japan). This enables us to direct temporary peak traffic to the other time zones that are off peak. We’ve also ensured that we can quickly scale up to meet demands.

4. We’re planning to expand our usage internationally, what languages does ReadSpeaker support?

ReadSpeaker provides over 30 languages and 90 voices with more to come.

5. How is ReadSpeaker helping Learning Institutions dealing with COVID-19/school closure?

In specific response to the disruptive effect coronavirus is having on education campuses across the United States and Canada, ReadSpeaker is providing access to our webReader product free of charge for 60 days from the date of sign up. For more information, please check out this blog post.

To sign up for webReader, please visit our webReader signup page and submit your name and contact information to get started. We are also evaluating other ways in which we may be able to help. All new plans will be communicated via the company website and social media channels.

6. Who should I contact if I have questions and/or need assistance?

If you have any questions regarding our services, solutions, plans and actions, please contact your account manager or main contact at ReadSpeaker. If you are in need of any support, please contact our support team at or call your local ReadSpeaker office.

Niclas Bergström CTO ReadSpeaker