It has now been 19 months since we launched our last major ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting product update. With that release we introduced the cloud based script, full browser detection and HTML5 capabilities for the browsers that supported it back then. Since then, the web, just as most other things, has moved forward. Better support in browsers for new web technologies such as HTML5, smartphone and reading tablets capabilities on par with desktop and laptop computers, and broader mobile broadband are just a few things that have evolved. With our brand new major update for our flagship product ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting, we took into account all the feedback we have received, the new developments we had on our wish list and how the new web technologies could work for us to have an even better product. Focus for this release has been A. Accessibility, B. Customization possibilities; and C. Graphical design. In terms of accessibility the player is now 100% HTML+CSS based. It scales up nicely when using zoom and is fully keyboard accessible. The service adapts to the audio capabilities of the user’s browser and uses the best available playback engine. It is still possible to have the web pages read with the simples possible text based web browsers or older mobile phones without JavaScript support. When it comes to customization possibilities, we have developed a Customization API where the customer can adapt the style to nicely blend in with the rest of the web site design. The new version has had a facelift also graphically with a new and more visible design with a larger play-button; new HTML/CSS based player and a new settings window where the user can change the reading function according to individual preferences. For example, we now have introduced automatic scrolling; the page scrolls as the text is read and highlighted so that longer pages can be easier to follow. In short, the new version of ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting provides an even more accessible, customizable and responsive user experience for the users and improved flexibility for our customers. If you have an earlier version of ReadSpeaker on your website, please contact us regarding upgrading to the latest version!

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