Software as a Service (SaaS) also known as software on demand is the type of distribution we have chosen since the beginning of ReadSpeaker to deliver our services. It’s really at the core of how we look at making our online text to speech services readily available to our customers in the easiest and most efficient way possible for them. In our case, the software component we deliver is how we convert different online text content found on web sites, mobile sites and apps into speech hence the Speech as a Service. We have accumulated years of feedback from our customers on delivering speech as a service and here are the most valuable gains we see for them:

  • Our customers don’t need to worry about client side installations.
  • Our customers also don’t need to worry about local server installation.
  • Maximum availability for their end-users who can access the online text to speech version of their web content from any device with an Internet connection.
  • System maintenances are included in our services so there again our customers don’t need to worry about backups, updates, security issues.
  • We can scale our operations to cope with increasing usage and demand peaks.
  • Time to delivery is very quick so our customers can propose a talking version of their Internet content in a matter of hours.
  • A subscription model with a fixed price level which facilitates budget planning.
  • Agility and flexibility in proposing new features without the need to change the implementation.