First of all please forgive us if we haven’t mentioned you in this post. We would like to thank you all for writing about ReadSpeaker webReader and for the dozens and dozens of really nice suggestions, ideas, help that is going into this now live product! Chris Hogg of the Digital Journal has been very helpful with his remarks which are spot on! Amongst the numerous articles about us, thanks also to Eric Barkin from SpeechTechMagazine, Philippe Poux from Vocal News, Eric Dupin from his Presse Citron blog, Vincent Abry, Fredzone, Feedmyapp, to name a few! We would also like to thank the growing webReader community which is really contributing with some interesting feedback. This is just the start of this new adventure and we are certaily looking at the next few months with great expectations on making ReadSpeaker webReader better and better! Thanks again!