A previous post we wrote described 5 customization possibilities of some of our products, notably our most demanded service, ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting. Here are some more cool features that you can use for your website(s).

Customer-defined reading area

Our customers can define where on the page ReadSpeaker should start and stop reading. Useful when you want to prioritize which parts of a webpage should be listened to by your users. You can also have ReadSpeaker skip some of your content from being speech enabled.

More than one listen button per page

You simply duplicate our button code and there you go with several listen buttons on your webpage. That is also another way of defining which parts of your webpage should be read. We provide guidelines on where to place our listen buttons.

Moving the player

Did you know that our player could be placed anywhere on your webpage? The default behavior is that our player appears right beneath the listen button when a user clicks on it. That can be adapted if the design of your webpage doesn’t allow for that type of placement.

Reading text that is not displayed

This can be useful if you want to have a special welcome message on your home page or if you want to give additional information to your visitors using the audio version of your web content, like advertising or sponsored messages. One of our customers decided to have an audio introduction message the first time you visit their home page.

Graphical design customization

You can customize our player including colors, typeface, skins, scaling, tool tips, and button combinations. Let us know if you want to see these features in action on your website and get a free demo from us. [speech-enabling_websites]