For the content owner in any type of organization, getting your content in front of a maximum number of users is an ongoing battle. While there are several marketing options to extend the reach of your content, many content owners overlook some of the other tools available. There are many groups of users who can gain an improved experience from text-to-speech technology, which ultimately proves beneficial to you, the content owner, by providing a socially responsible option that ultimately leads to more consumption of your content. ReadSpeaker distributes text-to-speech technology on a software as a service, or speech as a service, basis, which offers many advantages for both users and content owners. Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • With a software as a service distribution model, the speech-enabling software is server-based and costs the end user nothing to use. The content owner pays to have their website speech-enabled, receiving a variety of benefits through SaaS.
  • With server-based software, the content owner doesn’t have to worry about client-side or local server installations, scalability, system maintenance, or slow delivery times. The software works, it is easy to use, and the content owner and consumer get the benefits without the hassle.
  • SaaS allows the use of speech-enabled content on any device, because it is server-based and doesn’t require individual downloads for each device. With software that is not server-based, users are only able to use speech-enabled technology with the device on which the software is installed.
  • The content owner simply has to pay a subscription fee and has to worry about little else when it comes to their text-to-speech software. This allows for easy budgeting, without the drawbacks of worrying about software installations and maintenance.

Reaching New Consumers

An Enhanced Experience

  • Ultimately, text to speech is about providing all end users, regardless of background, with an improved experience. You may think of the technology in the form of a monotone reading voice, available only on certain platforms, but that is no longer the case. SaaS-based speech-enabling software can be used on all manner of devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop and laptop computers. In addition, voice technology has come a long way, and the reading voice is now nearly indistinguishable from regular human speech, coming in a variety of options to suit your needs.
  • Along with making your content easier to consume, text to speech provides a more interactive experience for users. There are many options for content owners to customize the way they want their written content to be speech enabled.

With any content published online, users expect an accessible, interactive experience. Text to speech is an important tool which allows the website of your organization to achieve that experience, all while reaching a large number of people who may not have visited otherwise. [speech-enabling_websites]