When prospects first get to know about online text to speech and how it can help them, we often get asked by them how difficult it is to speech-enable a web site or mobile app. That is a normal and healthy (!) question to ask and the underlying reasons for asking it are essentially what kind of support will you give me if things go wrong, or I don’t understand how your solutions work, or how long will it take or any kind of question that might arise when dealing with a new product or service. We want every single one of our customers to feel that they can rely 100% on our Support capabilities so that they don’t need to worry about any questions they might have. Our support team is based in Uppsala in Sweden and they support by email and phone our customers based in over 30 50 countries ranging from Oman to Singapore, South Africa to Sweden, Brazil to Canada, Mexico to Switzerland, US to France and more! We have 5 different kinds of support:

  • Pre-sales support
  • Implementation support
  • Linguistic support
  • Development support
  • Internal support

Here is how each typically works:

  • Pre-sales support: First level of support is carried out by our Sales teams answering questions like how do you implement ReadSpeaker and how long does it take. This also often includes creating demos on a web page of the prospect so that he/she can see how it works and share it internally with other colleagues involved in the buying process. When needed, our Sales team gets help from our Support team to create these demos as well.
  • Implementation support: Once the prospect is interested in going further, our Support team will then take over and either create a test account or, if an order has been signed, by setting up the definite account according to the customer’s requests and giving access to our online implementation instructions. During the implementation phase, our Support is there to answer any questions that might arise and get back to the customer with timely answers and solutions until the implementation has gone live. Support is also there to assist customers in any maintenance or any evolutions (like upgrades, additional implementations) on a constant basis.
  • Linguistic support: One of the useful features of ReadSpeaker is that each customer has its own dictionary. That concretely means that we can adapt the pronunciation of words, acronyms, abbreviations for each one of our customers thereby providing them with as close as perfect reading of their industry specific jargon (think pharmaceutical terms here!). This is where our linguists come in to help our customers when needed.
  • Development support: When the customer asks for something out-of-the-box solutions we offer, then our development team will be involved to tweak our existing services or in some cases come up with new ways in implementing online text to speech on our customers’ web sites and mobile apps.
  • Internal support: There is a lot of internal communication between the Sales team and Support on technical or linguistic related questions which involves constant internal support.

We recently asked a panel of our customers in Europe, the US and the rest of the world some questions on support and technical related elements. Here are the main findings:

  • How was it to understand the implementation instructions (very difficult, difficult, ok, easy, very easy): overall we had a majority of ok to very easy in terms of comprehension of our implementation instructions by our customers.
  • How was the product to implement (very difficult, difficult, ok, easy, very easy): here we had a majority of easy to very easy
  • How was the response time from the support staff (very slow, slow, ok, fast, very fast): We got rated mostly fast on this question.
  • How was the quality of the assistance you received from the support staff (very bad, bad, ok, good, very good): good to very good

We really value the level of support we give to our prospects and customers. When things go wrong, we just don’t say “we’re sorry” but we act on it as soon as we can to get to a satisfactory solution. Our best viral marketing is how well our customers think of our Support and that is why it is so central to ReadSpeaker.